My unquenchable passion for Praise & Worship among God's people has afforded me many opportunities to conduct various teaching and training workshops such as:

  • Beyond the Veil
  • Understanding Praise & Worship
  • Exploring Worship
  • Discovering True Worship
  • Worship Leading 101
  • The Role of the Vocalist in Worship
  • The Role of the Choir in Worship
  • The Role of Music in Worship
  • Was it Worship? and more. 

I believe that I can help chip away the invisible wall that appears to be between the platform and the congregation.  I’d like to propose that as a Worship Consultant, this is where I can be of assistance.

After identifying the specific needs of the team, I can assist the existing choirs, Praise Teams and Worship Leaders through practical teaching and application that will add that little spark. I can assist with establishing ways of engaging the congregation quickly and sustaining it throughout the service.

Worship Training with Minister Cassandra O'Neal